Our expertise

Our expertise
at the service of excellence

Innovation goes beyond simply creating products. It's a culture of continuous improvement that encompasses the way we think, work and solve problems. Innovation opens up new opportunities.

It strengthens our competitiveness enabling us to anticipate market needs and to stay ahead high to tecnologic evolution. We have chosen to internalize skills to demonstrating ever greater agility.
Research and Development, Product Marketing, Quality, Trade Marketing, Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Management... all of expertises which contribute to our Group's value chain.
This combinaison of expertise focused on usage and service enables us to be more innovative every day in our strategics choices and more agile in our processes.

To invente tomorow’s practices

Innovation is a part of HBF Group DNA since 1996 at the heart of its design offices which imagine, draw, prototype, create, test and design tomorow’s products. Every voice counts. We encourage an environment where creativity and collaboration thrive.

An integrated R&D department

Our Research and Development and Marketing Departments enable us to anticipate customers' increasingly sophisticated requirements. Focused on benefits and user experience, our solutions are the result of UX/UI work and are systematically designed with an ethical and responsible approach. More than just meeting a need, we offer a genuine experience.

Quality for R&D

Our internal laboratories enable us to test theoretical concepts and launch the first prototypes.
This helps to determine the technical feasibility of ideas before moving on to the development phase.
HBF Group can rely on around twenty employees to guarantee the quality, standards compliance, customers' requirements and long-term success of our products.

HBF quality certified

NF certification

Product compliance to safety and quality characteristics.

GS certification

Products safety and users health protection.

UKCA marking

Product compliance marketed UK.

CE certification

Compliance with European health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold in the EU.

Our industrial

Supplier management is an essential aspect of the HBF Group's strategic and operational management.
Our Industrial Programmes division works closely with manufacturers to implement and comply with our specifications.
In this way, we jointly build production lines dedicated to our products.
This synergy gives the Group a significant advantage by maximising added value for all stakeholders.

A controlled
supply chain
for global and
cross-functional management

Thanks to last technologies such as automatic cabinets, robotisation, full radio and optimised management, we optimise flow management to meet our customers’ requirements.