The HBF Group cares about protecting the environment and the Planet. As such, it focuses all its activities on looking for the most ecological solutions and is committed to renewable energy, such as solar, wind power. It is also particularly alert to fostering the development of energy-saving products.

Every day, the HBF Group strives to enable its customers to access all of its solutions and guide them towards new trends.


The HBF Group realises that the distribution market is rapidly changing and from the outset it has been committed to introducing and sustaining continuous improvement process by developing an ISO 9001:2008-standard quality management system.

Its main priorities are :

  • Managing processes from marketing a product to delivering it to the customer, including research, starting the manufacturing process and production.
  • Ensuring that all our products are compliant with applicable regulations and standards.
  • A policy and commitment to quality, based on making constant progress by continually improving operational processes involving all departments to reach a common goal of customer satisfaction.
  • Assessing and selecting our suppliers suited to the market, as well as technical and social audits undertaken by our internal, independent auditors.

The HBF Group promotes the use of NF-standards and has conferred the certification of its expertise to renowned international companies, such as LCIE, SGS, INTERTEK, TUV and DEKRA.