The HBF Group combines 4 strategic skills (marketing, R&D, technology and supply chain), to fully manage trade with major retailers.

Thanks to its engineering capabilities and always keeping a close eye on the market, the HBF Group anticipates trends and can call on its entire supply chain at very short notice so that its customers lead the way.

By early-stage marketing to continuous supply, the HBF Group provides a high level of service to ensure its customers are satisfied.


  • Market monitoring
  • Research and changes in trends
  • Developing distributor, or own-brands.
  • Customised packaging
  • Sales force

R & D

  • Integrated R&D Department
  • Continuous flow of effective proposals for new products
  • Creation of new ‘smart’ ranges and products
  • Guaranteed compliance with HBF quality standards and specifications.


  • Developing e-commerce solutions
  • Responsive inventory management


  • A dedicated and integral supply chain, with 4 depots in France, Spain, Poland and China
  • Continuous product supply, ready for sale to major retailers
  • Europe-wide deliveries possible to the end customer via the e-commerce platform
  • Development of intra-group synergies to optimise order preparation times