HBF Lab 1 an

HBF Lab celebrates its 1st anniversary

It was just one year ago, HBF specialized in home equipment and electrical equipment, opened a complementary facility in Labège to house the E-Commerce Department and the Department of Innovation and Technologies (DIT) of the group.

The ambitions and challenges around the Lab were multiple. The HBF Group needed to get closer to the Labege ecosystem for several reasons; “We had the need to physically get closer to the IoT Valley and the pool of start-ups it brings together and with whom we collaborate on various product development projects,” says Jean-Pierre FERRAUD, the Group’s President.

A booming activity that is structured:

They were 4 employees at the opening of the Labege site, they are now 15. Recruitments are also being studied over the coming months to support the various projects of the company.

The missions, as many as stimulating, weigh heavily in the current development of the HBF Group. Beyond the accelerator that represents E-commerce for the company, the DIT teams also pilot from Labège the digital transformation of the group and carry innovative projects such as the development of connected objects that will be launched in some months.