The HBF Group, based near Toulouse, has announced that the Marseille trade court has approved the takeover of certain assets belonging to the Marseille-based company, Avenir Telecom. This takeover includes the acquisition of the connected objects maker, BeeWi, a registered trademark in 30 countries and whose main business is in “smart home” automated systems.

Established in Marseille, in 1991, Avenir Telecom is a limited liability company with a capital of €22 million that initially specialised in the distribution of mobile phones and accessories.

In 2009, it launched BeeWi, to develop wireless and smart accessories. The company is a registered trademark in thirty counties worldwide.

In taking over BeeWi, the HBF Group is seeking to add BeeWi’s wireless Bluetooth accessories and connected objects to its Otio brand. This will enable it to develop its offer in this booming market.

The takeover helps the HBF Group to expand its commercial offering to the general public in major home improvement and food retailers. Distribution networks in Europe and North America, such major specialised retailers, will also help reach telecom market operators and resellers, which represent a new opportunity for expansion in the buoyant connected objects market.


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